About the TSO

About the TSO

The TSO team made of ASF and A&D experts.

What is the Technical Support Office?

It is a resource centre that:

  • Compiles and disseminates expertise and knowledge on reconstruction guidelines and strategies.
  • Offers guidance and technical advice for those involved in the reconstruction effort.
  • Supports and monitors all reconstruction projects funded by the Fondation de France.

Who can benefit from our services ?

Any NGO or CBO involved in the reconstruction effort and in need of technical assistance or information.

How did it come about?

The Technical Support and advisory Office is the result of a partnership between Architecture & Développement and Architecture Sans Frontieres Nepal. Both are members of Architecture Sans Frontiers International, a network launched in 2003 that promotes socially-committed approaches of architecture. Fondation de France made possible this partnership in order to support Nepalese organisations with local knowledge and foreign expertise to promote Build Back Better and Safer methods for a sustainable reconstruction.

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Our missions

Monitor the implementation and quality of Fondation de France projects:

  • Review of reconstruction strategies and project proposals
  • Review of technical, social and environmental specifications
  • Monitoring of implementation to ensure construction quality, sustainability and an integrated social approach
  • Reporting to Fondation de France on progress and project quality

To channel any relevant information on the National Recovery Process by:

  • Disseminating “Build Back Better Safer” documentation and information
  • Translating and distributing government guidelines
  • Training and sensitisation of stakeholders and NGO volunteers for larger dissemination and implementation

To act as a resource centre, by offering the following services:

  • Assisting NGOs in their reconstruction strategies
  • Advise in choosing appropriate designs and cost-effective technologies
  • Assessing damaged buildings for rehabilitation purposes
  • Forwarding NGOs in need of specific skills or services to the appropriate experts from our “experts database”
  • Providing NGOs with existing designs that follow technical, social and environmental criteria

Managed By:

Architecture Sans Frontieres Nepal is a Nepalese organization that has promoted social projects using local technologies to mitigate the poor living conditions of deprived populations.