Nepalese government

Procedures for the Flow of Grant/Assistance for Reconstruction of Houses Completely Destroyed by the Earthquake(Unofficial English Translation – originally posted at the Shelter Cluster website)

Design Catalogue for Reconstruction of Earthuqake Resistant Houses (Published by the Ministry of Urban Development of Nepal)

An Act made to provide for Reconstruction of  Earthquake affected Structures

Policies and Programmes of the Government of Nepal for Fiscal Year

Reconstruction Policy

Information Booklet – Housing Reconstruction Grant – Vol. 1 (Nepali Version)

Information Booklet – Housing Reconstruction Grant – Vol. 2 (Nepali Version)

Training Manuals

PASSA Training (English)

PASSA Training (Nepali)

IEC Materials

10 Key Messages to Build Back Better and Safer (English)

10 Key Messages to Build Back Better and Safer (Nepali)

Accessibility guidelines

Minimum standards for Age and Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian Action

Nepalese Accessibility Guidelines (English)

Nepalese Accessibility Guidelines (Nepali)

Nepal National Building Codes

NBC-000-Requirement for the art design

NBC-101 – Materials Specifications

NBC-102 – Unit Weight of Materials

NBC-103 – Occupancy Load (Imposed Load)

NBC-104-Wind Load

NBC-105-Seismic Designs of Buildings

NBC-106-Snow Loads

NBC-107-Privisional Recommendation on Fire Safety

NBC-108-Site Consideration of Seismic Hazards

NBC-109-Masonry Unreinforced

NBC-110-Plain and reinforced Concrete



NBC-114-Construction Safety

NBC-201-Manditory rules of thump reinforced concrete buildings with masonry infill

NBC-202-Mandatory rules of thumb load bearing masonry

NBC-203-Guidelines for earthquake resistant building construction low strength masonry

NBC-204-Guidelines for earthquake resistant building construction earthen building

NBC-205-Mandatory  rules of_thumb reinforced concrete buildings without masonry infill

NBC-206-Architectural design requirements

NBC-207-Electrical design requirements_for public buildings

NBC-208-Sanitary and plumbing design requirements

Post Disaster needs Assessments

Volume A Final

Volume B Sector Reports

Executive Summary


A tutorial improving the seismic performance of stone masonry buildings


Shelter Response and Rural Housing Recovery

Regional Earthquake Recovery Dialogue for Building Back Better

Safer Homes, Stronger Communities – A Handbook for Reconstructing after Natural Disasters