Rebuilding of Nepali Homes Hit by Quakes Is Still Delayed, Official Says

NYT article

Reconstruction of houses devastated in last April’s earthquakes in Nepal is now set to begin this April. Problems in naming members to a reconstruction authority were blamed for the delay. Source: The New York Times

KATHMANDU, Nepal — The reconstruction of houses destroyed in Nepal’s devastating earthquakes last year will not begin until April, a year after the first tremors hit, the newly appointed head of Nepal’s Reconstruction Authority has said.

Preliminary government estimates suggest that around 570,000 homes were destroyed by the earthquakes, and nearly 270,000 badly damaged. Unicef, using data from various sources, estimates that 2.8 million people were affected, and that tens of thousands are braving the winter in temporary shelters.

Nearly 9,000 people died in the earthquakes.

Sushil Gyewali, the new chief executive of the Nepal Reconstruction Authority, attributed the delay to snags in naming members to the authority.

Staffing was completed last week, he said, noting that he was appointed only on Dec. 26, around eight months after the quakes struck.

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